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Re: Announce of Zsh Navigation Tools

On Sep 12,  4:03pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} immediately makes me want do something like this:
}      for aa in /aWorking/Zsh/Source/*; do autoload $aa; done
} ... remembering of course that things need to be rewritten to look like 
} scripts.

As long as there is only one function per file, you don't need to rewrite
them, just use

   ...; do autoload -k $aa; done

The "ksh-style" of autoloading is to have one complete function definition
in each file, including the "() { ... }" or "function { ... }" or whatever
wrapping syntax.

(Ksh does it this way because the syntax used to declare the function has
an effect on its semantics.)
} BTW, looking at $fpath, it sure is laborious.  Do we, could we have some 
} sort of automatic subdirectory inclusion?

I'm not sure what you mean by this, that is, are you trying to build up
the value of $fpath or are you trying to find all the files in $fpath
to autoload them?

If you're running an installed zsh, of course, then $fpath should have
all the necessary directories already (except e.g. personal ones in your
home dir).

If you're asking about constructing $fpath for a zsh build tree, then it
should suffice to do:

    fpath=( $build_dir/Completion/**/*(/) $build_dir/Functions/**/*(/)
            $fpath )

where you will need to define $build_dir appropriately, maybe it is $PWD.
Just be careful that you get the order right with respect to the default
$fpath -- the default should come FIRST if you are running an installed

If you're asking about autoloading everything after $fpath has been
defined, then this should work for the default paths:

    autoload $^fpath/*(N-.:t)

However, as I said you may want to add -k for your personal files, which
would need a second autoload command.

Some people also prefer to throw a (*) into the glob flags so as to only
autoload files that have been marked executable.

Putting this together, something like:

build_fpath=( $build_dir/Completion/**/*(/) $build_dir/Functions/**/*(/) )
my_fpath=( ~/zsh_functions/**/*(/) and so on )

autoload $^fpath/*(N-.:t)
autoload $^build_fpath/*(N-.:t)
autoload $^my_fpath/*(N-.:t)
fpath=( $my_fpath $build_fpath $fpath )

Barton E. Schaefer

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