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Re: question about parameter expansion

On 09/26/2015 02:34 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
On Sep 26,  2:11pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Where is this sort of thing discussed in the manual?

Under "Parameter Expansion".

Ooops ... My eye caught 'parameters, expanding', but  see there is indeed
'parameter expansion' as well.  That's a bit lazy of me.

Perhaps unfortunately, you need to get familar with shell language
The strings $1, $2, etc. are referred to as "positional
parameters" whereas $a, $foo, $PATH, etc. are "named parameters".
The signifier "$" is said to introduce an expansion.  (It used to
be that it only introduced a parameter expansion, and parts of the
doc still talk about it that way, but now it also introduces other
expansions like command substitution and arithmetic.)

The word "variable" is usually a synonym for "named parameter," but
might also refer to named strings in the process environment, which
can be referenced as if they were named parameters.

Without exaggeration that's the most useful minute of reading I've done as to zsh so far. If I'd read that two years ago it would have saved me hours of grief.

} In any case looking for 'parameter expansion' in the index is no help.

This is a thing about the yodl/info documentation model that I don't
like.  I think all the (sub)section headings should be in the index.
Instead the section headings are in "menus" (which don't show up at all
in the manpage-formatted documentation) and you can't find them with an
index search.

When all else fails, an excellent index comes to the rescue. An excellent glossary
is as valuable.

In this specific case, though, "parameter expansion" does appear in the
index, along with "parameter expansion flags", "parameter modifiers",
etc.  How were you searching the index?

} 'Variable' doesn't exist in the index at all


* variables:                             Parameters.         (line    6)
* variables, environment:                Parameters.         (line   25)

Again, exactly how are you searching what index?  Have you tried always
searching case-insensitively?

    umask    17. Shell Builtin Commands
    Unicode combining characters    16.2.12 Zle
    unset parameters, substituting    16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
    until loops    6.3 Complex Commands
    user contributions    26. User Contributions
    user selection    6.3 Complex Commands
    users, watching    17. Shell Builtin Commands

    version                                    The Z Shell Manual
version control utility 26.4 Gathering information from version control systems

    waiting before rm *

... pardon the busted formatting, but that's the Index as I see it. Am I barking up the
wrong tree somehow?

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