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Re: question about parameter expansion

On Sep 26,  3:02pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} > Again, exactly how are you searching what index?  Have you tried always
} > searching case-insensitively?
} V
}      version                                    The Z Shell Manual
}      version control utility            26.4 Gathering information from 
} version control systems

By process of elimination I've determined, in spite of you not answering
my question, that you're looking at the HTML documentation, probably on

Last modified: 2014-01-07

It's puzzling that the "Concept Index" pages haven't been updated since
January 2014 given that the rest of the manual was supposedly rebuilt
last October, but either way it's a year or more out of date.  You might
try using the manuals that go with your local build.

Who has access to rebuild the docs on the web?  Simon, are you out there?

  This document was generated by Simon Ruderich on October 11, 2014 using
  texi2html 1.82.
  Zsh version 5.0.7, released on October 7, 2014.

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