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Re: missing curses.so

On Oct 4,  9:44pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Subject: Re: missing curses.so
}   It seems strange.  I have '/usr/include/ncurses.h' and the thing seems to
} find it and then not find it:

It checks first whether it's actually there, and then if it is, it is
checked again as part of the "terminal library search order" to decide
which installed library is the best one to use.

The default order is "ncursesw tinfo termcap ncurses curses" unless you
are using solaris or hpux.  So ncurses will be skipped in favor of
terminfo or termcap because the latter two work better for the purposes
of the main shell (prompts and ZLE), which (I think) will cause the
zsh/curses module not to be compiled.

This is probably a configure.ac bug.

}      2$ ./configure --with-term-lib
} ... shows:
} configure: error: "No terminal handling library was found on your system.

RTF "INSTALL" file.  --with-term-lib takes an argument.  No argument means
no library.

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