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Re: tag-order with git refs

On Oct 7,  2:24pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I mean what tag-order is supposed to be for, preferring matches for
} earlier tags if there are any ("shown" isn't the right word except in
} so much as they are shown if you're listing).  If there are matches for
} local heads, I want to see only these, so it doesn't go round the tag
} loop to find other matches.  That's supposed to be fairly
} straightforward to do.

I think this comes down to the way __git_heads_local calls _wanted.  I
compared with a completion where tag-order works and one difference is
that there's nothing in a group named "heads-local" at the time comptags
is called.

Different sets of options are given different descriptions, so they get
broken out in the listing, but they're all put in the -default- group
as far as I can tell.

Maybe this is a bug downstream of _wanted, but instead of
  _wanted heads-local ...
one has to call
  _wanted heads-local:DESCRIPTION:ACTION ...
in order to cause _all_labels to pass a -J option to compadd and thereby
make tag-order work.

Or at least I think that's what's going on, I'll probably shortly be
proved wrong.

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