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Re: Please don't hijack existing threads

On 10/11/2015 08:04 AM, ZyX wrote:

Sorry all, I thought changing the subject was sufficient.
It depends on the mail client. Most I use automatically “start a new thread” should the topic change. But this is usually the case for the mail clients which provide linear thread view. Mail clients with tree threads (e.g. kmail from KDE) use references found in mail headers and this makes your “new” message be buried inside another thread. AFAIK this is also the case for the web view of the mailing list archive.

I had no idea there were thread-view email clients; it sounds like a good idea. I use the detestable, dozy Thunderbird. Anyway, it looks like it's better hygiene to just start from scratch which I will certainly do from now on. Thanks Axel for pointing it out. My questions
are bad enough without that added irritation.

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