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Re: two mysteries

On 11/04/2015 12:35 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
This would be because page_hight (sic) is zero, not because the type
of START_IDX has changed.

I spell it wrong on purpose.
}      START_IDX=$(( 1+((idx-1)/page_hight)*page_hight ))
} ... fixes it

I suspect not really.  Something else changed so that the "page" is
no longer empty, or whatever.

You're probably right. It's very hard to track. However there's no question that the type changes from integer when it happens, I've used the (t) flag to check.

} playing with associative arrays, yesterday I had to single quote:
}       varis 'array[value]' line456 5
} ... but only with arrays--scalars were fine--or I got a message to the
} effect that 'no values were matched'.

Without the quotes, array[value] is being treated as a file glob, and is
looking for a file named one of arrayv, arraya, arrayl, arrayu, arraye.
The "no matches found" error is because none of those files exists.

Ah, that makes sense. Yet sometimes the issue isn't there. I'll look more intelligently.

} In the same vein, if one of these 'zcurses' functions crashes, what the
} docs say about the terminal being in a unstable state sure is true.
} Things look fine, but, for example, history recall goes screwy.

"stty sane" will often fix you up in this situation.  It might also work
to use "ttyctl -f" in your startup file (i.e., before any zcurses stuff
is run) but I'm not sure that handles the case where a zsh builtin has
itself messed up the terminal state.

Ok, things to try, many thanks.

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