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Re: How completions work, do they require fpath?

On Jan 29,  9:02am, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
} There is a plugin (voronkovich/get-jquery) that calls compdef. The
} problem is that this requires compinit being run before loading
} plugins.

Well, either that or you have to divide the plugins into before/after
compinit subsets, somehow.

There's probably always going to be a way for an uncooperative author
to muck up a plugin manager, just as you could write a C module that
abuses the zmodload linkage conventions.

} Unless there is a way to provide compdef without whole compinit? 

compdef is going to manipulate global variables used/needed by compinit
and later by the rest of compsys.  It's not really possible to run it
standalone beforehand.

You could try this:  Define your own "compdef" whose only action is
to cache its arguments somewhere.  Load all the plugins, then after
compinit is run, play back the cached compdef arguments with the real

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