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Re: git-secret - zsh-plugin to store your private data inside a git repository

I had a hard time figuring out how to send a reply to the mailing
list. So, I hope I will post it to the same thread.

René, thanks for your interest. It is not quite the same as the tools
you have listed. It's more like blackbox
(https://github.com/StackExchange/blackbox). You can even find it in
the 'Alternatives' section.

There several advantages in usability, while following the same
encryption algorithm.

In other words, git-secret does not store passwords or anything, but
it helps to organize and control any sensitive data inside a git-repo
to be accessible by the whole dev-team.

2016-03-13 18:48 GMT+03:00 Никита Соболев <n.a.sobolev@xxxxxxxxx>:
> There’s a known problem in server configuration and deploying, when
> you have to store your private data such as: database passwords,
> application secret-keys, OAuth secret keys and so on, outside of the
> git repository. Even if this repository is private, it is a security
> risk to just publish them into the world wide web. What are the
> drawbacks of storing them separately?
> These files are not version controlled. Filenames change, locations
> change, passwords change from time to time, some new information
> appears, other is removed. And you can not tell for sure which version
> of the configuration file was used with each commit.
> When building the automated deployment system there will be one extra
> step: download and place these secret-configuration files where they
> need to be. So you have to maintain an extra secure server, where
> everything is stored.
> How does git-secret solve these problems?
> git-secret encrypts files and stores them inside the git repository,
> so you will have all the changes for every commit.
> git-secret doesn’t require any other deploy operations rather than git
> secret reveal, so it will automatically decrypt all the required
> files.
> What is git-secret?
> git-secret is a bash tool to store your private data inside a git
> repo. How’s that? Basically, it just encrypts, using gpg, the tracked
> files with the public keys of all the users that you trust. So
> everyone of them can decrypt these files using only their personal
> secret key. Why deal with all this private-public keys stuff? Well, to
> make it easier for everyone to manage access rights. There are no
> passwords that change. When someone is out - just delete his public
> key, reencrypt the files, and he won’t be able to decrypt secrets
> anymore.
> Find out more: https://sobolevn.github.io/git-secret/

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