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Re: adding configtest to service httpd options

On Apr 21,  4:57pm, zzapper wrote:
} Thought I'd just have to add configtest to a list in a function definition 
} file _init_d _service etc but no luck

There are three different versions of the helper function _init_d_get_cmds
in _init_d, so you need to find the correct one for your operating system
and update the pattern that is used for extracting valid action strings
from the individual script files.

Two of the possibilities are for BSD variants so for CentOS the third one
is what you want.  "configtest" appears to be valid only for httpd and
smb, and "graceful" only for httpd, so it's not entirely surprising that
a pattern intended to pick out the common actions from a large set of
script files does not include those special cases.

You need to change the assignment what='(...)' to add configtest to the

There is a more general pattern [that doesn't require a specific set of
words to check] in a comment in _init_d, but as noted there, it may match
things that are not actually valid actions.

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