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Re: adding configtest to service httpd options

Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

> On Apr 21,  4:57pm, zzapper wrote:
> }
> } Thought I'd just have to add configtest to a list in a function
> definition } file _init_d _service etc but no luck

> You need to change the assignment what='(...)' to add configtest to
> the alternatives.
> There is a more general pattern [that doesn't require a specific set
> of words to check] in a comment in _init_d, but as noted there, it may
> match things that are not actually valid actions.
Yep can't get this to work , but not a big priority . Are you implying that 
the completions only allow for standard actions and not optionals like 
configtest which may not be used by all versions of httpd?


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