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Are completions in some way heavy?

I've started a project that basically re-delivers all Zsh completion functions:


The point is: with Zplugin it's possible to enable only selected
completions (http://psprint.github.io/Zplugins-completion-management/).
This should provide speed up, to start with 15 enabled completions,
instead of 800, and enable completions at request with simple: zplg
cenable "xauth", etc. I missed the fact that compdump is a final
optimization. My gains are: compinit runs for 36 ms instead of 112 ms,
for almost half of 774 completions disabled.

That's a failure but I thought that maybe shell will be much lighter
with <100 completions pre-loaded? Maybe situation with compsys isn't
that bright because of the number of _* files? How can I reveal
effects of much lighter $functions, etc., is it possible?

Also, overall, it would be nice that I would collect all mainstream _*
patches, and provide the completions for all Zsh versions. Also, maybe
other way around would be possible – rapid iterations on the _* files
in allcompletions tree, then rare but high in volume transfer to the
mainstream. Maybe Github way of development would result in e.g. more
files being compatible with emulate ksh or sh, but I'm not sure if
there would be any interest in such quality-pull-up coding.

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author