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Re: Are completions in some way heavy?

On Jun 6,  2:43pm, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
} This should provide speed up, to start with 15 enabled completions,
} instead of 800 [...]
} That's a failure but I thought that maybe shell will be much lighter
} with <100 completions pre-loaded? Maybe situation with compsys isn't
} that bright because of the number of _* files? How can I reveal
} effects of much lighter $functions, etc., is it possible?

Functions that are marked for autoloading but haven't yet loaded are
already very lightweight.  That was one reason for using a suite of
files, so the autoload mechanism could take care of ignoring those
that are never needed in a particular session.  Then compdump avoids
the overhead of scanning directories to find those files.

Making it the user's responsibility to explicitly choose what to enable
is exactly what we wanted to *avoid*.  If that's a requirement in order
for the system to be "light enough" then we have failed.
} Also, overall, it would be nice that I would collect all mainstream _*
} patches, and provide the completions for all Zsh versions.

Having a location from which to grab .../share/$ZSH_VERSION/functions/
trees for past zsh releases would be useful, particularly if fixes from
more recent versions were backported when possible.

I would not suggest attempting to create forward-portable versions of
the functions.

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