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Re: Distributing Zsh with application in Git repositor

On Jun 27,  3:32pm, Ronald Fischer wrote:
} Is it possible to create (or download) a standalone executable of zsh?

You can "configure --disable-dynamic" combined with passing the static
linking options for the compiler via LDFLAGS (the default is to link
e.g. glibc et al. dynamically even when linking modules statically).

You'll want to prepare a modified config.modules file to be sure that
any modules you need are linked to the shell (link=static load=yes),
and that any you do NOT want are NOT linked (link=no) to keep the
size of the binary to a minimum.  You must edit config.modules AFTER
running configure, so perhaps keep the edited copy around under another
name so you can just cp it on top of config.modules before "make".

And you'll need to compile at least one binary for every hardware
architecture, if not for every target OS variant, and make sure your
application installer grabs the correct one.

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