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Re: ZSH display raw keycodes for ¡ and ¿ spanish characters

On Wed, 27 Jul 2016 23:36:39 +0200
José García Juanino <jjuanino@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> after doing an upgrade of my FreeBSD operating system, zsh no longer
> display properly the followings spanish characters: ¡ and ¿. I do not
> know if this annoying issue is FreeBSD specific.
> See the following screenshot:
> http://picpaste.com/exclamation-L21PZhNY.png
> When you type the '¡', I would expect that symbol in the interactive
> shell, instead of '<00a1>' output.
> Any comment or advice will be welcome, and sorry my poor english. Best regards

zsh uses the system library to determine what's a printable character.

The most likely thing is a mismatch between the terminal input and the
display.  The <00a1> indicates the character being input is probably
correct as that's the charater you want in ISO Latin and Unicode.
Possibly the LANG environment variable isn't set correctly.  I'm
guessing it should be es_??.UTF-8 e.g. es_ES.UTF-8 for some variant of
Spanish.  It's also possible the terminal isn't using the right
encoding, which you might be able to check in the terminal's
configuration, e.g. Terminal -> Set Character Encoding in


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