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Re: ZSH display raw keycodes for ¡ and ¿ spanish characters

On 28 July 2016 at 16:17, Peter Stephenson <p.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Jul 2016 23:36:39 +0200
> José García Juanino <jjuanino@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> after doing an upgrade of my FreeBSD operating system, zsh no longer
>> display properly the followings spanish characters: ¡ and ¿. I do not
>> know if this annoying issue is FreeBSD specific.
>> See the following screenshot:
>> http://picpaste.com/exclamation-L21PZhNY.png
>> When you type the '¡', I would expect that symbol in the interactive
>> shell, instead of '<00a1>' output.
>> Any comment or advice will be welcome, and sorry my poor english. Best regards
> zsh uses the system library to determine what's a printable character.
> The most likely thing is a mismatch between the terminal input and the
> display.  The <00a1> indicates the character being input is probably
> correct as that's the charater you want in ISO Latin and Unicode.
> Possibly the LANG environment variable isn't set correctly.  I'm
> guessing it should be es_??.UTF-8 e.g. es_ES.UTF-8 for some variant of
> Spanish.  It's also possible the terminal isn't using the right
> encoding, which you might be able to check in the terminal's
> configuration, e.g. Terminal -> Set Character Encoding in
> gnome-terminal.
> pws

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for the delay of my response.

The locales are aligned with my terminal. I use LANG=es_ES.ISO8859-15
and mrxrvt as terminal.

Doing a further research I have found a workaround: disable-multibye
in configure. But it is not a zsh fault, as multibyte was enabled in
the previous FreeBSD release (10.3) and worked fine. I think that the
upgrade of ncurses has triggered the issue, but I do not know exactly
how. And I have discovered that other tools are affected also, as mutt
pager: now display the "¡" character as raw code. Both tools (zsh and
mutt) are linked with the same library: ncursesw.so.8.

Best regards

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