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Re: ZSH display raw keycodes for ¡ and ¿ spanish characters

On Thu, 25 Aug 2016, José García Juanino wrote:

> >> When you type the '¡', I would expect that symbol in the interactive
> >> shell, instead of '<00a1>' output.

> Doing a further research I have found a workaround: disable-multibyte
> in configure. But it is not a zsh fault, as multibyte was enabled ...
> ... (mentioning mutt) ...

Having 'the same problem in mutt and zsh' reminded me of a time,
when I *remotely* connected from a local terminal (rxvt-unicode).

EVERY place, where your typed chars 'come across' (i.e. terminalprog,
pty, connection, remote pty (may be multiple times with screen or tmux),
last shell or mutt), the connection needs to know, whether to use
single or multibyte characters.  And often the default in ptys is
single, so then you need 'stty iutf8' to get correct data to shell
or program (and you need this on all steps of the connection and
inside terminals and screen or tmux).

After making sure, I ALWAYS and ONLY use 'utf8'-on-the-wire
all my problems with multibyte shell input and most of
the problems with mutt or vim are gone now.

Alternatively, all steps might be single-byte, and with the
same 'older' locale.  SOME utf8 combinations still come
through then, but others are interpreted as something like
<control-whatever><strange-char> messing up the line.
So then you should make sure to have NO utf8 at all.


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