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Re: zsh completion for umount

Fourhundred Thecat wrote on Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 12:46:51 +0100:
> Hello,
> I have /mnt/mmc/ mounted. When I cd to /mnt/ and want to use
> autocompletion to umount mmc:
>  cd /mnt/
>  umount m<tab>
> Nothing happens. Completion does not complete anything.

Try «umount ./m<TAB>».

Making it work for «umount m<TAB>» too shouldn't be too hard.

> Similarly, for mount, the completion does not complete for -o
>   mount -o <tab>
>   mount -o l<tab>
> Nothing.

Are you sure you have completion enabled (run «autoload compinit;
compinit»)?  What's the output of «echo $OSTYPE» on your system?  I get
45 matches when I do «mount -o <TAB>» on linux.

> The completion file Unix/_mount has 1000 lines, yet the very basic
> completion does not work.
> I have switched to zsh from bash recently. While I like the fancy
> features that zsh has, I am increasingly frustrated that basic
> functionality does not work.
> Why does bash get completions right, and zsh doesn't ?
> Don't these problems bother nobody else ?

The problems may well be specific to your setup, especially considering
you've only recently started using zsh.  If some functionality bothers
you, describe the problem and we can see about solving it.



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