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Re: Shift-Insert overwrites ZLE CUTBUFFER

On 27 Oct, Bart wrote:
> Certainly seems to work that way for me (emacs on Ubuntu / GNOME).
> *Not* when running emacs inside a terminal, however.

This particular feature was added in workers/35824 along with a specific
request for actual Emacs users to check that it makes sense. In a wider
GUI sense, there is normally a single shared clipboard though copying
rather than pasting will update it.

Reverting it would be a matter of changing the cuttext call back
to doinsert. However, having the pasted text available in some form
is useful. Does anyone have an alternative suggestion?

Associating it with the existing cut/paste features at least puts
it in a logical and memorable place, at least once you're aware of
the feature. And if you know about things like yank-pop or vi "0
then it is not so likely to be bothersome. But I'd be open to
something better.

If Daniel's documentation from 22036 is applied, it should probably
also mention that in vi mode, it allows a register to be specified
to capture a paste. In that case, the text isn't inserted.


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