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Re: vi mode reset

Christian Brabandt wrote:
> It is reset to emacs mode I believe. I have to hit set -o vi again.

> > disable that with: unset zle_bracketed_paste
> I'll try that, thanks. However I always thought, bracket paste mode is 
> useful...

It is useful.

> I don't use any distribution.
> Here is an example:
> 0 59928 chrisbra@debian ~ % bindkey -L |grep 200
> bindkey "^X^[[200~" _start_quoted_paste
> bindkey "^[[200~" _start_paste

Maybe not from a distribution but those are custom functions, however.
Somewhere or other, you've got some configuration that is defining
those functions and binding the keys. Given that you started having
problems when upgrading zsh, you probably didn't have the necessary
configuration to turn your terminal's bracketed paste mode on and off.
The newer zsh is turning it on for you because it has an internal widget
for bracketed paste.

I would guess that _start_paste switches you to a custom keymap where
the end of bracketed paste is setup to switch you "back" to the emacs

You want to get rid of all that: the _start_quoted_paste and
_start_paste functions and any additional keymap.
Then you should see:
  % bindkey -L |grep 200
  bindkey "^[[200~" bracketed-paste
To check for odd keymaps, run bindkey -l


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author