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Re: off topic

On 12/09/2016 08:28 AM, Oliver Kiddle wrote:

Thanks Oliver:
There's clear advantages to having a powerful setup that you understand well. If that process now involves "brutality" then you can understand why people might be be happy to just take what they get with oh-my-zsh: and I don't view that as heresy. Oliver

I know I've ranted about this before, but I sure wish there was something in between. That is, that the standard install would not be so raw out of the box. As you say, bash is worse but both are brutal. Coming as I did from 4DOS to linux and facing my first bash prompt without current directory showing or even command recall, it was so horrible that I ran back to the power and elegance of 4DOS and this put off my migration to linux for several years. I suppose I was the very last person to leave DOS and there's now really no reason to spend effort making the newbie experience a little less Spartan, but man! if zsh only came out of the box with just some basic stuff that almost everyone will want, that sure would have been appreciated at the time. It would give folks less of a reason to go to oh-my-zsh just to get something happening which might make the community a bit more cohesive.

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