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Re: zsh-5.2-test-3

On 12/11/2016 09:15 AM, Peter Stephenson wrote:
somebody look at its contents is a very good idea). pws

Thanks Peter. BTW, the contents of the /help directory, I never been able to figure out how one accesses that information, it seems that it is meant to be pulled up by some command. 'run-help' doesn't do it, 'man' neither. For example 'test' contains:

test [ arg ... ]
[ [ arg ... ] ]
       Like the system version of test.  Added for  compatibility; use
       conditional  expressions  instead  (see the section `Conditional
       Expressions').  The main  differences  between  the conditional
       expression  syntax  and the test and [ builtins are:  these com-
       mands are not handled syntactically, so  for  example  an empty
       variable  expansion  may cause an argument to be omitted; syntax
       errors cause status 2 to be returned instead of a  shell error;
       and  arithmetic  operators  expect integer arguments rather than
       arithmetic expressions.

       The command attempts to implement POSIX and its extensions where
       these are specified.  Unfortunately there are intrinsic ambigui-
       ties in the  syntax;  in  particular  there  is  no distinction
       between  test  operators  and  strings  that resemble them. The
       standard attempts to resolve these for small  numbers  of argu-
       ments  (up  to  four);  for five or more arguments compatibility
       cannot be relied on.  Users are urged wherever possible  to use
       the `[[' test syntax which does not have these ambiguities.

... and that's possibly useful help, but how do I get to it?

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