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Re: off topic

On 2016-12-09 17:28:42 +0100, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> Ray Andrews wrote:
> > Ignore this as appropriate gentlemen, but for anyone who feels like 
> > answering, what is the culture vis. oh-my-zsh?  I get a vague feeling 
> > that the members of this list view is as something strange and alien or 
> > even heretical.  It seems to be something 'else' -- oh-my-zsh users 
> It hasn't really been discussed so I can only give my own perspective.
> They've done a great job of promoting zsh and making some of the nicer
> features available to people who don't want to work out how to configure
> them. Those are perhaps areas where we've been weak.
> If someone posts here with a problem, it can make it a lot harder to
> determine the cause. It means they have a complex setup which they don't
> understand themself and some combination of plugins could be interacting
> in odd ways. So to some extent it is something 'else' but that something
> else is still a layer on top of zsh so not removed from us.

This is not specific to oh-my-zsh, but potentially to anyone who
has an advanced setup. Remember the random crashes I had with
"configure" completions.

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