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Re: 5.3.1

On 22/12/16 03:57 AM, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
Ray Andrews wrote on Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 20:59:28 -0800:
Anyway, all good, the necessary lib is 'libncursesw5-dev' and don't forget
the 'w' :(
For future reference, you can run
     apt-get build-dep zsh
to install everything required to build zsh.

Note this will install optional dependencies too.

Marvellous. Five years kicking around in Linux and I only learn this now. I always thought that 'install' would handle whatever was required but that would be too easy. Thank you sensei.

Mind ... it did work anyway as installed from Debian, the trouble was only when building from sources and I suppose that without the specific massaging of a Debian package, Peter's sources would have no way of knowing what any particular extra stuff might be needed in any given environment (and this issue is mentioned in the notes), so no foul *but* I could look at the files downloaded by the above and that would clue me in to the name of the necessary extra packages, so this 'build-dep' is still manna from heaven.

BTW, why is it that an edit of 'config.modules' is always quietly overwritten by the installer? Why does it not feel that it can let me have my preferences as to which modules are built the way I want them? Bart showed how to get around that, but why do we need trickery?

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