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Re: Shipping autocomplete file upstream for KDE Connect?

On 3/25/19 2:57 PM, Matthijs Tijink wrote:

What's your preferred way of shipping autocomplete files? With zsh or with the
program itself? In case it's with the program itself, how should we proceed
with adding/removing the completion file?

If the program in question changes more frequently than zsh releases new versions,
about once an year at its current pace or the community of the program is more
familiar with its development process than zsh's; it would most likely be better served
releasing it with the program itself. Dropping the completer somewhere in $fpath,
site-functions or in the world of debian, vendor-functions.

As far as removing the completer from zsh, just a patch deleting the file should do.
that being said, if you were to ship a completer in $fpath's site-functions or
vendor-functions it would most likely have higher precedence than the one ship with
zsh and just work.

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