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Re: Help wanted with debugging a weird glob behavior

2019-08-20 13:32:31 +0430, Aryn Starr:
> Indeed, I do have `nocaseglob` :) Can’t zsh be made to try to
> match the decomposed form, too? (Perhaps as a new option?) I
> don’t think putting `iconv`s everywhere is a sustainable
> practice …

I suppose we could have an option similar to nocaseglob like
unicodeequivalenceglob where U+00E9 would match both U+00E9 and
U+0065U+0301 and vice-versa for instance (which you could
combine with nocaseglob and could probably be abused in a number
of ways and cause all sorts of security vulnerabilities like
that HFS+ design and case insenstive FS/nocaseglob already do).

I don't know if there's a standard C API for that. zsh may need
to pull an ICU library dependency to implement it. Also note
that normalisation changes with each version of Unicode (like
case insensitive comparison already changes with the locale and
version of the locale/system).

That sounds overkill just to work around the misdesigns of macOS.


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