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Re: Opensource.com Zsh article

Op 18-09-19 om 18:06 schreef Ray Andrews:
On 2019-09-17 5:39 p.m., TJ Luoma wrote:

It astonishes me that the reason for the switch is claimed to be a licensing version detail.

There's nothing astonishing about that. It's been well known for years that Apple won't touch the GPLv3 with a ten foot pole. That's why all the GNU stuff in macOS is stuck on the last GPLv2 versions, which are all really old now, so they're slowly replacing it all.

I understand that there's no one left in the cockpit at bash, would that not be a better reason?

What makes you think that? If you read through the bug-bash list it's pretty obvious that Chet is still firmly in charge and actively developing bash as always. It had a new major 5.0 release fairly recently as well, which make it run scripts quite a lot faster.

Even now I can't quite accept that something as essential to computing as the shell should be treated so casually.  So it's zsh from now on, but even then all this will rest on the shoulders of our few intrepid volunteers?

Apple has plenty of in-house manpower and expertise to take over zsh development if the need should ever arise. They've done that sort of thing before (CUPS comes to mind). Meanwhile perhaps they'll contribute.

- M.

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