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Re: Opensource.com Zsh article

On 2019-09-18 3:37 p.m., Martijn Dekker wrote:

  I understand that there's no one left in the cockpit at bash, would that not be a better reason?

What makes you think that? If you read through the bug-bash list it's pretty obvious that Chet is still firmly in charge and actively developing bash as always. It had a new major 5.0 release fairly recently as well, which make it run scripts quite a lot faster.

Chet himself informed me of that.  But it seems he's been a one man show for 26 years!   It seems a bit of a fragile situation.

Apple has plenty of in-house manpower and expertise to take over zsh development if the need should ever arise.

How would that work in practice?  I mean a 'takeover' wouldn't seem to be desirable but a contribution of resources  might be. Who has the last word in these things?

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