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Re: completion of filenames

On 2019-12-13 11:46 a.m., Bart Schaefer wrote:

It's more than my tiny brain can really understand Bart, however:

You've got one more issue, I think, based on your subsequent question:

Where is 'expand-or-complete' defined?
You shouldn't be using both expand-or-complete and the _expand
I was under the impression that the TAB key called expand-or-complete and that this somehow
tweaked itself via the 'zstyle .....' lines.

   If you invoke expand-or-complete, it's going to try to do
expansion on the word and if that succeeds it will never proceed into
attempting completion.  To use _expand, you should be re-binding the
TAB key:

bindkey "^I" complete-word

Usually compinit will take care of this for you, but only if the
zstyle definitions appear in your .zshrc (et al) BEFORE you invoke
compinit.  This is in the doc:

        To  initialize  the system, the function compinit should be in a direc-
        tory mentioned  in  the  fpath  parameter  ...  If completion styles (see
        below) are set up  to  perform  expansion  as  well  as  completion  by
        default,  and the TAB key is bound to expand-or-complete, compinit will
        rebind it to complete-word; this is necessary to use the  correct  form
        of expansion.

Does any of this help with your situation?
All possible combinations of the above have not yet been tested, however as I have it now:

    zstyle ':completion:*' completer _files _expand _complete #('_files' first as you suggest).

     autoload -U compinit && compinit -d $ZSHBOOT/zcompdump
This had been *above* the 'styles', moving it below the 'styles' as you indicate seems to have worked :-) What is puzzling is that your previous help with my 'styles' was effective even though 'autoload ...'  was above it.

    # This is the default for TAB:
    #bindkey  '^I' expand-or-complete
    #bindkey '^I' complete word             #(tried but didn't work *apart* from the above and seems not needed anyway so TAB is default.

So, pending further advice or tinkerings, It is exactly as I want: empty or partial command line is first completed with local files. I guess this is a cultural issue -- if one is accustomed to the normal function then you wouldn't want it any other way and this could be a last remaining vestige of my DOS-think, but I can't imagine completion working on anything other than files myself, seeing commands
pop up really bothers me.

Thanks again Bart.

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