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[ANN] zsh-bin: statically-linked, hermetic, relocatable zsh

It is my pleasure to announce zsh-bin: statically-linked, hermetic,
relocatable zsh distribution.

Project home: https://github.com/romkatv/zsh-bin.

If you'd like to use zsh 5.8 on a machine where it's not provided by
the official package manager, give zsh-bin a try. This project
consists of 3 parts: build script, prebuilt zsh for popular platforms,
and install script.

1. Standalone `build` script.

  sh -c "$(curl -fsSL

Running this on x86_64 Linux will produce zsh-5.8-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
in the current directory. This 3MB archive contains statically-linked,
hermetic, relocatable zsh 5.8. Installation of zsh from the archive
doesn't require libc, ncurses, pcre, terminfo database or root access.
As long as the target machine has a compatible CPU and kernel, it'll

To install zsh from the archive to ~/.zsh-bin, copy it to the home
directory on the target machine and run:

  tar -C ~ -xzf ~/zsh-5.8-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
  mv ~/zsh-5.8-linux-x86_64 ~/.zsh-bin

Add ~/.zsh-bin/bin to PATH and enjoy zsh 5.8. To uninstall, remove ~/.zsh-bin.

This distributions of zsh should behave not worse than any native
distribution (and even better than some). It's compiled with iconv,
ncursesw and pcre support. It contains an embedded terminfo database
and help files. `man zsh` works, too.

2. Prebuilt zsh-5.8-${KERNEL}-${ARCH}.tar.gz.

Prebuilt archives are available for a dozen of the most popular
platforms: https://github.com/romkatv/zsh-bin/releases.

  Linux 32/64-bit Intel/ARM (works on Android, too)
  FreeBSD 64-bit Intel
  macOS 64-bit Intel
  Cygwin 32/64-bit Intel
  MSYS/MINGW 32/64-bit Intel

3. Standalone `install` script.

While you can use the manual installation method described above,
there is also a script that makes it a bit easier and safer.

  sh -c "$(curl -fsSL

This will download appropriate zsh-5.8-${KERNEL}-${ARCH}.tar.gz from
https://github.com/romkatv/zsh-bin/releases and install zsh from it to
~/.zsh-bin. The same script can also be used to install from a custom
URL or from file. Run `install -h` for the list of all options.


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