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Re: [ANN] zsh-bin: statically-linked, hermetic, relocatable zsh

On 2020-04-05 8:55 a.m., Roman Perepelitsa wrote:
Install to the right directory right away:
   wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/romkatv/zsh-bin/master/install
   sh ./install -d /foo/bar
Works fine.  What an improvement on the standard method I hafta say.   This should be the new normal and many thanks.  BTW, I had solved the previous problem simply by adding an 'fpath' statement to .zshrc and presuming that nothing else would have been needed, that's pretty basic and robust.  One thing still seems to be missing and that's 'man'.  I deleted my old man files and now "$man zsh" finds nothing.  I see the new ones there tho, so how to get them firing up?  (It would be nice is man pages identified their version so you know you've been upgraded.)  If the man pages can be found in the install path that's very nice, but of course I can move them over to the standard location too as required.

Thanks Roman, that's one hell of an improvement for a regular plebe like me.

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