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Re: Limiting height of completion menu

 ❦ 20 décembre 2020 13:55 -08, Bart Schaefer:

>> > half-lines () {
>> >         print -n $(tput sc)
>> Or if tput is to cover the cases where zsh/terminfo is not
>> included:
>>   tput sc
> That doesn't actually work as expected; for some reason running "tput"
> directly from the current shell causes a zle reset and the bug
> returns, probably due to some sort of handling of the forked job.
> Hiding it in a $(...) subshell prevents that (but the whole
> formulation still has other problems).

Some completions also reset the state. File completion is working but
for example, apt completion is resetting the state (maybe because there
is some fork involved to grab the information).

I may have better luck proposing a patch to Zsh to be able to have a
maximum height for the completion menu.
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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author