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Re: here document within a switch fails to parse.

Ray Andrews wrote on Thu, Jan 07, 2021 at 12:16:03 -0800:
> On 2021-01-07 7:32 a.m., Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> > Do consider treating the language as the independent variable and your
> > expectations as the dependent one, rather than the other way around.
> I'll bend it to my will as much as I can, however 90% of changes since I
> started have been me getting used to zsh rather than the other way around. 
> Still, you don't know what you don't know and however naive, my comment
> blocks do work.   If there's a crash and burn coming up I'm sure I'll burn.

I reiterate the fourth paragraph of the grandparent post.

The parenthetical describes a specific failure mode.

> > 
> > The construct you use has side-effects you've overlooked, which mean
> > your fashion of comments will backfire in a way that you don't see yet.
> I'm prepared to find out the hard way.  Guys like me suffer.

Well, you've picked your poison, then.  I'll only add that what you'll
"find out the hard way" is more than just a case in which your "idiom"

> > By the way, I wonder if the reason we're having this thread is that it
> > hasn't occurred to you that your $EDITOR may have facilities for
> > commenting or uncommenting multiple lines.
> There's an interesting idea!  My editor doesn't but that would be quite a
> feature.

Did you actually look?

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