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Re: xargs with zsh function

On 2021-01-19 9:52 a.m., Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
...  But that's bedrock syntax no?  How can the clean shell not swallow it?
Globbing flags require EXTENDED_GLOB, which is not enabled by default.
Right you are.
To establish a known configuration, zargs resets nearly all zsh options for the duration of its execution. Your function should do likewise.
My strong preference would be that zargs be agnostic as to one's environment and functions called by it would behave exactly as otherwise.  Is the code for zargs a discrete thing?  If so I'm tempted to clone it to another name and see if I can make it transparent to existing environment.  I'd like to be able to link my functions together via piping+zargs.  Mind, I'm imagining that would be a simplification but perhaps exactly the opposite.  Besides, piping is so mysterious, there's an invisible river of data and it would be interesting to see how one gets one's grubby hands on it. Thanks Lawrence I spent hours wondering what could possibly be going wrong there.

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