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Re: How to get all tagets for rake completion?

Oliver Kiddle schrieb am Mi 31. Mär, 11:50 (+0200):
> Jörg Sommer wrote:
> > > As a general principle, it is better to use a style name that has a
> > > generic meaning. I can't find any existing style along the lines of an
> > > extra-matches, more-matches, allow-slow-generation etc so unless I've
> > > missed one you'd need to invent a suitable one. "all-targets" is too
> > > specific to targets.
> >
> > How about ‘verbose’?
> The existing `verbose` style is usually used to conditionally add
> descriptions to matches, especially where generating those descriptions
> is slow or where they're of questionable value.

And how about ‘expanded’ or ‘extended’?

> Is rake -A giving you a fallback, e.g. "unknown" description for the
> extra targets or does the description remain blank?

The description remains blank. It looks like this:

rake www/dev/files/main.min.css  # min.css files depend on there js file
rake www/dev/files/main.min.js   # The .js file depends on the sources from .js.map / The .min.js fil...
rake www/dev/files/rss           # Build main rss file
rake www/dev/files/sync.html     # 
rake www/dev/nginx.cfg           # 

Regards Jörg

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