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Re: How to get all tagets for rake completion?

On 4 Apr, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> > The existing `verbose` style is usually used to conditionally add
> > descriptions to matches, especially where generating those descriptions
> > is slow or where they're of questionable value.
> And how about ‘expanded’ or ‘extended’?

Either of those are fine. Though you've not commented on the approach of
inverting the sense of the style and using ignore-<something> which I
think I prefer but I don't know rake so well.

Just pick whatever you think is best and update the patch with that and
it should then be good to commit.

> > Is rake -A giving you a fallback, e.g. "unknown" description for the
> > extra targets or does the description remain blank?
> The description remains blank. It looks like this:

> rake www/dev/files/rss           # Build main rss file
> rake www/dev/files/sync.html     # 

Checking the targets=( ... ) assignment and _describe with that appears
to work fine without any further adjustment.


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