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Pre vcs versions of zsh

Hey all,

when answering a user's question this morning in irc (about zsh's history) it prompted to me dig into paul's initial release of zsh for an answer.

This time i decided to extract the shar from his initial post on alt.sources which resulted in the initial source code for zsh 1.0.
So i decided to see what other versions i could turn up that isn't in git (anything below 3.1.5).

This is by no means an inclusive list (that i am aware of):

I made no attempt to actually compile any of these, so i don't know if they will with a recent toolchain.

I added the shar into the directory ./shar/ since in post01 there may be tidbits of information people find interesting.
for 2.0.0 there is also a ./patchlevels/ directory that contains the patches that eventually became 2.1.0;
also there tidbits of info.

If i find more versions i'll add them to my account and reply to this thread.

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