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Re: Running emacs from fluxbox menu

On Wed, Apr 21, 2021, at 9:17 AM, Duke Normandin wrote:
> How/where do I "set the path correctly in the environment of emacs" ?

By ensuring that whatever process launches emacs provides it with
the PATH you want.  Your subject suggests that you're launching it
directly from fluxbox, so you'll want to figure out

- how to make fluxbox set a particular PATH when it launches emacs, or
- how to set PATH in the environment of fluxbox itself, so that it
  gets passed on to emacs.

Neither of these things really has anything to do with zsh.  There's
a fluxbox-users mailing list that you might try.


> I copied & pasted the PATH statement in my .zshrc into ~/.zshenv.
> Problem solved!!! Thanks!
> Does this mean that my existing PATH statement is built correctly, or 
> could it still be messed up?

I think setting or modifying PATH in .zshenv is really bad form and
should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.  I encourage you to
figure out how to properly configure the environment for emacs


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