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Re: How to complete with _arguments() depending on an option and within a loop

On 2021-05-12 8:50 a.m., Bart Schaefer wrote:
I think that a lot of the time the
benefit is given so much weight that the effort becomes unreasonable.
And then there's the law of unintended consequences merged with Murphy's Law -- you end up with something very 'helpful' that you can't turn off in that situation where the 'help' isn't helpful *and* the complexity is such that the thing might break in ways that no one even anticipated.   Think avionics like that 'helpful' stall sensor in the 737 that crashed two airplanes.  Not too long ago you were kind enough to help me turn off every bit of helpfulness in completion -- just local files please -- I don't have the experience to remember all the 'help' that's available so please don't help, it's easier to just type a few more characters.  KISS.  Nice to have it there of course, but also nice to be able to turn it off.

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