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Re: file globbing

2021-08-09 00:24:55 +0200, Vincent Lefevre:
> Just in case, I have the following in my .zshenv file:
> (actually, mainly for better filename sorting when filenames contain
> hyphen-minus characters). IMHO, it is good to have that by default.
> Specific collation rules should be used only when the context for
> which they are considered is known.

I wonder how reliable / portable it is to have LC_COLLATE
different from LC_CTYPE, especially when using ranges whose ends
are not in the POSIX locale charset (though I don't think I've
ever used such ranges; but users with languages using other
scripts (Greek, Cyrillic...) might).

In any case, note that having that in *your own* .zshenv doesn't
address the potential problems in the script you write and that
may be used by others.

It should also be noted that LC_ALL takes precedence over


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