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New Zsh Logo

Hi all,

Justin Dorfman has offered to produce a new logo for zsh for use on the website
etc.  Because this needs to be sorted out quickly for project management reasons,
Bart Schaefer, Oliver Kiddle, Daniel Shahaf and I have been looking at this,
however, I'm sure a lot more people are interested.

Rather than post the near final set of choices here, I'll put them on the
higher bandwidth zsh-workers list, so look out there if you're interested.
To my untrained eye, it seems to be down to quite minor details, but I'm sure
you'll let us know if you don't trust us!

To be quite clear: this doesn't actually affect the shell itself at all,
it's just for visual effects in documentary material.  The only way it would
affect the shell that I can see would be if we decided to change the Windows
icon.  The current one was drawn by me many years ago, I think in Microsoft
Paint, so that sounds like a possibility, but that would be an entirely
separate decision with its own consultation.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author