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Re: Using history / fc for case-insensitive pattern matching

On 22/02/2022 10:18, Peter Stephenson wrote:
To answer my own question: with fc any number range eg first last
should/must be the last
Would this be a little clearer?  History (pun intended) shows that
making the docs more verbose doesn't mean people necessarily find
them clearer, but I think they are particularly terse at this point.


Peter you made me laugh out loud when you used the word 'terse'

I often find I understand documentation AFTER I have actually found out how to do something LOL (especially assembling flat-pack furniture).

But as you say there is trade-off between verbosity which people may not read and simplicity.

In this case however had I really invested in understanding the existing fc man page I would spared myself considerable grief.

Isn't there an adage something like '6 hours of coding and testing saves 1 hour of studying the documentation'?


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