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Re: How do I disable the mode for using j-k keys to scroll through history?

On 2022-03-15 06:38 PM, Steve Dondley wrote:
I've been using zsh with oh-my-zsh for several months now with vi
commands. Frequently, the command line seems to "lock up" and become
unresponsive to input. I chalked it up to some kind of bug, hit
ctrl-c, and moved on.

I finally just figured out that I had somehow entered some special
mode that activates the "j" and "k" keys to pull up prev/next
commands. Through trial and error, I discovered the <esc> key triggers
this mode and the "s" key gets out of it.

Haven't figured out how to disable this feature. Google has turned up
nothing useful after 10 min. of searching. Any ideas?

Heh, so it just dawned on me the big cause for all my mental confusion was that I considered "insert" mode to be "normal" mode on the command line. And then whenever I hit the <esc> key to do "normal" mode operations, I actually thought of that as some special "vim" mode and I never gave it much thought. I never stopped to realize I was always in vim "insert mode" the whole time I was typing into the command line and then going to "normal" mode when I hit escape.

And I have my caps lock keys doubles as a control key and escape key and I also double tap the caps lock/control key for a hot key. So if i mistyped, it would throw me into normal mode without me realizing it.

Anyway, after months of wondering what the hell was going on, mystery solved.

Thanks for the hand helping me figure this out.

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