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Re: prevent some lines directly coming from the history from being executed

Peter Stephenson wrote on Mon, May 30, 2022 at 10:07:25 +0100:
> so maybe a self-insert example is good enough.
> Alternatively, a subsequent sentence like "In a similar way,
> to perform a final action on all lines returned from Zle, the accept-line
> widget can be rebound to a function that performs an action on the current
> line, then calls the .accept-line widget to return the line to the shell."

I'll err on the side of including such an example in v3.

It'll still use the sh function definition syntax; extending
workers/50312 to the docs is beyond the scope of this thread.

> I won't complicate the discussion on the currently proposed text further
> (don't see any fundamental problems), but I wonder if it would be useful to
> give an example of accept-line being adapted?  There is a problem of making
> the documentation too verbose (if technology allowed, it would be useful
> to have a two level manual, the fundamentals and a running commentary,
> but that's a pipedream),

I think it's achievable.  For instance, The TeXbook annotates some
paragraphs as "dangerous bends" (and other paragraphs as "double
dangerous bends") using icons on the the first line of the paragraph.
Those icons designate a paragraph as more advanced material that one may
want to skip on first reading.

For starters, I'll add em(foo) subheadings in v3, as already done in



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