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Re: Most minimal configuration challenge

On 2022-08-31 02:28, Vincent Lefevre wrote:

In short, «zstyle ':foo:bar:*:baz' key v1 v2» translates as "When
library foo asks for the value of key in a situation of the form
bar:*:baz, tell it the answer is «v1 v2»".
Perhaps there should be a zsh function that translates a zstyle line
to plain English. :-)

Yup.  Unfortunately we tend to think that experts are the ones who should write
documentation, but they are unqualified.  They write sentences that explain
what they already know back to themselves.  It's like learning Coptic from a book
written in Coptic.  Only people who have just now learned something can
explain it in a way that other people who want to learn it can relate to because only the learner has the mind of a learner.  Experts have the mind of experts. So the above no doubt makes perfect sense to the expert who wrote it and already understands it, but is useless to me.  The whole world suffers from this, but
especially the computer world.

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