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Re: key binding not working

On 2022-09-25 15:31, Bart Schaefer wrote:

Type ctrl-v and then press up arrow, I'll bet you don't see ^[[A (and
if you do, there's something more insidious going on, such as your
setting of $KEYTIMEOUT)
I get: " ^[OA "  but the " ^[ " is highlighted -- black text on white background.

    $ echo $KEYTIMEOUT

To be more thorough, run

autoload -Uz zkbd
Here's what I get:

0 /root/.config/geany/colorschemes 0 $ zkbd
Enter current terminal type: [xterm-256color]

We will now test some features of your keyboard and terminal.

If you do not press the requested keys within 10 seconds, key reading will
abort.  If your keyboard does not have a requested key, press Space to
skip to the next key.

Hold down Ctrl and press X: ^X

Your Meta key may have a Microsoft Windows logo on the cap.
Hold down Meta and press X: x
Your keyboard or terminal does not recognize the Meta key.

Hold down Alt and press X: ^[x#
0 /root/.config/geany/colorschemes 0 $ 3:44PM Sun 25
execute: _

(If anyone tries this and sees something wrong or incomplete with the
explanatory output, please let us know.)

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