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Re: glob executable vs. non executable

On 2022-10-27 16:19, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
See zshexpn(1), in the paragraph immediately following the list of
glob qualifiers.  It is admittedly easy to overlook.
I've always 'bounced off' the manual, I just don't have the language, it's written by adepts for adepts, but perhaps the time has come that I'm ready to try to read the thing again.

By this definition, every possible command name is "actionable".
After all, *something* always happens.
Sometimes what happens is a 'no such command' message.  But yeah, if it is a command and and zsh finds it, then I want to know where it comes from.  A builtin and a binary file are very different things.

A symlink is not inherently more "actionable" than a regular file
that does not have executable permissions.  The target is what's
important, not the symlink.
Sure, but the symlink is the first thing acted on.   Of course one follows the link to wherever it leads.  I remember when Peter gave me 'whence -S' so it was explicit.
As I said in my last message, the "-" glob qualifier allows you to
include or exclude symlinks based on their targets' attributes.
There is no reason to blindly lump all symlinks together, when you
can easily pick out the ones that actually matter.

Call it lack of confidence, but I like to see them, and then see where they go.  It gets better with time but when I first started with Linux there were times when I had no idea what was being acted on when I typed a command.  I'd be looking for a file when it was an alias or a builtin.  For a long time when I typed 'zsh' I was actually firing up the wrong version.

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