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Re: one time in 20 error

On 2022-11-28 09:54, Roman Perepelitsa wrote:

This might be a response by the TTY to a query that your script has
sent to it. Basically, if the script queries the TTY and exits before
reading the response, then the response goes to zle and you see this
kind of garbage on the command line.

^[[<0;24;4m is a CSI sequence. I don't remember its meaning from the
top of my head.

I thought it might be something of that general nature.  I wonder, is there some strategic place where I might put a 'sleep' to let things sort themselves out?  Probably only would take a millisecond or two.  Like after 'zcurses end' or something?  It's always on return, never within the executing program.  As to the strings, within the rules I mentioned the numbers vary:  0;22;3m 0;18;10m 0;15;14m... and so on, so any exact meaning isn't likely to be found.  It seems random, like a dangling pointer error.

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