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Re: (j.|.)

On 2023-01-31 15:33, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
Search for "x|y" in zshexpn(1).
No completions.  But it is an alternation surely.  Thing is that characters can have many different uses and one has to be sure of the context.  Before this I'd never seen anything other than something easily understandable as a plain vanilla number within '[ ]'.
Search for "Subscript Flags" in zshparam(1), then find the "I" flag.
Ok, I have that one about understood.  So many tricks attach to associative arrays!   It's a powerful world in itself.
Search for "j:string:" in zshexpn(1).

So my analysis was about right then (after Roman put me on the right scent).  hard to find the right place to read up on these single character operators.  Anyway that's maybe the deepest/hardest single statement I've yet tried to understand.  I learn more from studying something one of you masters has written than by attempting 'textbook' style study.


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