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Re: completing .directories without . and ..

From: Thomas Lauer <thomas.lauer@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2023 13:16:58 +0000
> In this case I knew it had to be a zstyle thing

Let me add another observation. There are areas within zsh and the docs
where I (perhaps falsely) believe I have a good idea how things work or
hang together. And then there are a couple other bits which to my mind
are almost beyond comprehension and which I approach with, shall we say,
some apprehension. The completion system is one of those and I readily
admit that I could and should invest a good chunk of time to try to get
a handle on that.

Many decades ago, I bought a 6502 microcomputer and big blue book about
6502 assembly language. I knew nothing about computers, let alone
machine language, and I read that book perhaps five times until I began
to get a glimmer of an idea what this stuff was all about. I was on a
long and boring holiday then, so time was no problem:-) and so I read it
again and still again until it started to make sense.


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